HCR 1002
HCR 1002 is a fundamental tool within the Human Tecar
MO: by acting on microcirculation, it maximizes the body’s capacity for recovery,
preserves and restores balance, and enhances performance.


What is it?
Human Tecar HCR 1002 is an electromagnetic stimulator of microcirculation. It works by means of a medium-frequency radio signal that, placed in contact with biological tissue through two specific types of conductive electrodes – high and low-impedance – triggers metabolic activation of the tissue itself, stimulating blood flow/lymphatic circulation in more or less extensive body areas, depending on whether therapeutic goal is affecting the entire body, restricted body areas or segmental districts.

How does it work?
HCR 1002 is based on the principle of capacitance, well known in physics and applied to this type of electro-medical device for the first time here.

The electromagnetic signal (i.e. medium-frequency radio signal) does not propagate through space; rather, it is conveyed to tissue by direct contact, acting from the inside, without any energy loss. In biological terms, we may speak of the mobilization of electrical charges – called electrolytes – that are naturally present in the body. These can influence cellular metabolism, triggering the need for more oxygen and nutrients and therefore, an increase in blood flow to a given body district.

What are the advantages?
Power, precision and sensitivity of device enable practitioners to adjust energy intensity, even by minimal degrees, adapting a given therapeutic protocol to the precise requirements of the person being treated at all times. This translates into more focused and effective treatment of inflammatory conditions, both acute and chronic, and even swifter and more successful pain therapy.


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