Frequently asked question about the multi-user management (F.A.Q.)

fundamental problem

Basically, the following comments relate to issues that come mainly from unclear or inadequately defined workflow responsibilities. In this respect stands to quickly that the deletion of a patient and changing master data from the same patient can be carried out simultaneously. In this respect the work of a user will not be feasible
Please note that in a variety of cases unclear divisions of workflow is reliable for problems.


What happens if two users edit the same data of a patient?


This all depends on who makes changes to its last claim and what changes it is. Basically, it is not advisable that multiple people edit the same master data from a person at the same time.


I can not delete a user, there appears constantly a message that this user is still logged in.


Internally, data is stored on login and logout operations. If no LogOut has taken place (eg because the system had a power failure), this user is still logged in the system. If you want to remove this user, please login with his id and logout again. Otherwise, contact your local SQL Server administrator, to cleare the relevant entry in the system manually.


I have created history / test-data and a new document. This I have not sent, before I closed my input program (eg Infopath). Now I can no longer edit the data, because the message appears that this document is already beeing edited.


To prevent a document from being edited by two users at the same time, this document will be locked internally for a specified time period. This time period can be set via the control panel of the system. When a document has been locked and was not sent, the document can not be edited in this time period. Only the relevant document creator has the right to unlock this document. To do this, click on the "Share" button in the Ananmnese / testing-dialogue. Make sure that only the document creator has this right.

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