Restore and improve balance, coordination, resilience and fitness
with the extraordinary naturalness of exercising barefoot or
walking in the sand, on a patch of grass, on rocks or stones or any
other natural terrain. The proprioceptive mats come in sets that
stimulate the feet’s mechanoreceptors and thus keep
the whole body fit.


What is it?
Human Tecar Mats come in sets made up of proprioceptive surfaces of varying sizes, easily placed even in restricted spaces and made of a wide variety of materials: polyethylene (EPE), polyurethane (EPU), viscoelastic materials, memory foam and materials specifically designed for this type of technology.
They create different levels of instability, simulating various conditions of natural terrain and forcing the body to constantly readjust itself during proprioceptive exercise, restoring balance and ultimately recovering tone and strength.

How does it work?
Exercising barefoot on various types of proprioceptive surfaces that constitute Human Tecar Matsnaturally stimulates the activity of nervous receptors (proprioceptors) found in skeletal striated muscles, tendons and joints, which determine how one perceives the position of one’s body parts in space. The Mats’ different levels of instability and difficulty provide ideal training for control of movement and to enhance proprioceptive ability, balance, agility and strength.

How is it beneficial?
Human Tecar Mats are especially designed to facilitate training, rehabilitation and recovery of the muscular apparatus and ligaments thanks to proprioceptive stimulation of one’s bare feet, without in any way putting pressure on the joints, thanks to the avant-garde materials used.

Materials that enable Human Tecar Mats to:

» Stimulate mechanoreceptors present on the soles of one’s feet;
» Avoid mechanical stresses and overload inosteoarticularterms;
» Facilitate greater energy output (approx. 25% more by comparison with a rigid surface).


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