Acts on the neuromuscular system to ‘switch off’ pain and enhance strength,
tissue trophism, muscle tone and balance. Human Tecar Vissrestores neuromuscular
balance through an exchange of information with the Central Nervous System,
thanks to the vibration sound system. Few minutes’ application is sufficient to
swiftlyreduce pain, ultimately eliminating the painful symptoms.

Tecar-Viss-1What is it?
Focused vibration sound system technology, applies localized pressure, modulated with extreme precision – in frequency and intensity – by an innovative, globally patented medical device. The technology acts on the mechanoceptors adjacent to the muscles and tendons, restoring neuromuscular balance and muscle tone, eliminating pain almost immediately and getting the body to recover strength and coordination in a natural, non-invasive manner.

How does it work?
The Central Nervous System receives an enormous bulk of information from the environment: in the course of this swift and constant exchange throughout the day, the status of every single portion of the body is recorded, checked and instantly readjusted. The process is extremely complex and makes use of high-threshold mechanoreceptors known as Pacinian corpuscles. The outgoing response depends on the intensity of signal and the number of incoming transmissions: thus,
the more intense is the incoming signal, the more intense is the outgoing response, the higher number of active muscle fibers is involved, improving coordination, strength, endurance and resilience. Human Tecar Visss timulates mechanoreceptors by means of a square wave signal that manages to insert itself effectively into the exchange of information the CNS can receive and maintain, thanks to its plasticity.

How is it beneficial?
Operating principle

Mechanical square waveprevalently operating under atmospheric pressure.

Human Tecar Viss, thanks to its special airflow modulator, produces a mechanical square wave that acts on the mechanoceptors in charge of sending signals to the Central Nervous System, thus reprogramming the neuromuscular system.
Wave parameters are modulated (frequency, amplitude and treatment time) so that treatment can be customized, tailoring therapy to the individual being treated and his/her particular requirements.



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