Reduces excess fat, boosts muscular recovery, triggers the
enzymatic processes that turn triglycerides into fatty acids and
glycerol. Human Tecar Physio TT enables the body to burn its fat
reserves faster, leading to localized weight loss, while
simultaneously facilitating immediate muscular
recovery after working out.


What is it?
Human Tecar Physio TT is an electromagnetic stimulator of microcirculation that uses special thermal wraps made of resistance tissue fabrics that physiologically modulate the microclimate of body areas being treated.

How does it work?
Human Tecar Physio TT consists of seven types of distinct thermal wraps, each controlled by one or two microprocessors. The wraps are connected to a control unit that regulates temperature intensity and is able to spread heat lightly and homogeneously onto large body areas, by emitting a c. 1,400-nanometer infrared signal.
By this means, the body reacts with an increase in segmental blood flow and by physiologically boosting metabolism.

How is it beneficial?
Applying Human Tecar Physio TT thermal wraps develops a specific microclimate in the desired body districts, inducing improved microcirculation and muscular activity:
» Thermal effect, which causes the muscles to relax;
» Antalgic effect, since catabolites are eliminated from tissue;
» Trophic effect, as there is a supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissue, in quanto si ha un apporto di sostanze nutritive e di ossigeno nei tessuti.


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