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The mobile solution for your measuring applications on the run or in the surgery:
The DigiMax muscle function test case contains everything on smallest area, what you need for a complete isometric maximum force test.
No more dependence on stationary test devices ,and in a few minutes attached at almost any custom training device.

step into the world of modern measurement technology-supported achievement diagnostics and use the advantages of an independent, variable measurement system.

the package consists of:

  • Aluminum flight case
  • Display unit including accumulators and charger
  • Force sensor for tension and compression (5 KN) incl. fittings
  • 5 assorted slings with 2 carabineer hooks
  • Microsoft Excel Template
  • Battery pack
  • SD memory card


The following items can be stored on the SD card:

  • Name of the user
  • Date of measurement
  • Time of measurement
  • Frequency with which the measured values were recorded
  • The N_Factor for a conversion of the measured values into Newton
  • The KGF_Factor for a conversion of the measured values into KGF
  • Maximum reading

For valid measurements, all measurement-relevant settings of therapists must be documented and adhered to.

The force sensor can also be installed on all training devices so that valid isometric measurements can be carried out with the handset on the training devices.


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